Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why so strict???

When I was in high school there was nothing worse than going online to search for sources only to be prompted that the site was prohibited. My view of such restrictions began as quite a naive one, whats the point in researching if nearly every site is restricted? I can honestly say though that this form of rejection actually helped with my research at home. I could distinguish between information that was either biased or down right lies. If sites were not restricted in school then I know personally I would have had a terrible time at home trying to figure out the more reliable information. This is obviously a more personal view on internet restirictions in schools as well as a basic one. However, I think its better to have a starting point regarding these kind of issues than not have one at all. In the third topic, one of the clips described us as being the web. We created it, not out of thin air but from our own minds. Youtube is a perfect example of 'us as the creators'. Ten years ago I would have been impressed by seeing an inflight movie while flying overseas and now I can get on the internet on my mobile phone and look up absolutely anything. It is amazing to see how far we have come regarding technology. But as they say 'what goes up must come down.' I highly believe this is why some sites are prohibited, not to frustrate students but to protect them from certain sites that are more of a hinderance than helpful. I know I have enough trouble studying at home when facebook is tempting me, so the fact that schools restrict these kind of sites isn't alarming but in a students best interest. I think in order to preserve our technological advancements some restrictions must be made within the school system. Teenagers are the future leaders and although outside of the class room they are free to roam the web, within the class room I believe that in the best interest of a students development site restrictions is a must. So what comes up must come down? Site prohibition is just a small way of keeping the minds of students focused and protected. So why must everything come crashing down? WE ARE THE WEB. And I certainly believe that is something worth protecting and nurturing.

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