Friday, August 21, 2009

Power point

I have used power point through out my education, so this tutorial was just a reminder. One thing I always had difficulty doing was adding sound. Trying to have it narrate my slides. I was that frustrated with a past piece of assessment trying to save them both together, that I just handed them in seperate. So finally figuring that out was certainly a plus. I have just had a bit of play around with a power point using my own personal pictures and music on my computer. That was the easy part as they were already available. I can honestly say I am not a fan of recording my own voice, just never sounds the same when recorded. Although, powerpoint I created had no educational purpose what so ever, the different forms of learning were still incorporated with in the show. Visual, Audio both apparent to the viewer. In order to keep a student interested in what they are viewing, you need to display more than just words on a screen and a narration. Music, gag noises, image fading in out, etc by using various effects within power point a teacher is ultimately engaging their student. Like I have said in previous blogs, give a student something different and they will remember it.

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