Friday, August 21, 2009

Maths made easy..

At high school maths was a subject I was good at. It was also the subject I found most boring and struggled to maintain focus in. I knew I wasn't alone in this department. The amount of disruptions created by other students was no surprise. It wasn't until I had a quick look at youtube that I stumbled across the clips about maths made easy. These clips were not just reducing maths down into a simple understanding but actually making it more enduring. Seeing a person use illustrated fingers to calculate times tables is a method that I have never seen before. I think this kind of learning would genuinely encourage students with in this subject. Say a student is too embarressed to approach a teacher and tell them that they struggle with multiplications then clips like this would certainly be an advantage. Simple out lets for students to build up their self esteem in a subject. Knowledge is a powerful tool and without it students may shy away from asking for help. As technology continues to advance, I honestly believe that education is also following in its path. Traditional practices are out the window and are being replaced with systems designed not only to reinforce what a student is learning within the classroom but also what they are learning in their own time. It is one thing to engage them within a class environment but to do so outside of the classroom is an amazing accomplishment.

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