Friday, August 21, 2009

Reflective Synopsis

I am a firm believer in being up front and honest. So honestly, I have never felt so out of the loop. I thought I was well up with technology. I have a new lap top, flick mobile phone with internet access and 5 megapixel camera, I am a frequent visitor to facebook, msn and hotmail. I used to think ignorance was bliss, but then I realised everything I was missing out on. Skype, Blogs, Voice thread, Wiki, Google earth, Interactive whiteboards, google reader, etc. are all ICT's that I was a stranger to. The truth is these technologies are what connects people all over the world. Tools designed by us, used by us , for us. I have never been one to conform just because everyone else was. It took me over a year to join facebook because I didn't want to be 'just going with the crowd'. But after joining I realised all the advantages of such a system, I could plaster my own thoughts, photos, likes, dislikes, connect with friends, make new ones and ultimately put my self out into the world in a different kind of way. Technology has allowed us to put ourselves up on a stage to be judge. I believe if anything a student can gain great confidence in themselves and their learning ability when these ICT's are used effectively. By incorporating various learning techniques whether it be through music or youtube clips a student is being encouraged into an atmosphere of higher learning. An atmosphere that is engaging, and they are therefore introduced into an environment that is a product of their ever technological advancing society. They are engaging in a society created for them and by them. WE are the web. Students are the future leaders, why teach them in out dated practices when they rely on new and fast ways of communicating with the world around them. The world is ours to explore or as the saying goes, 'the world is our oyster.'

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