Friday, August 21, 2009


WebQuests challenge students to think out side of the box; to think far beyond themselves. Evidently, webquests are asking them to create some order in a situation that is certainly lacking it. The webquests about terrorism and Antartic Ice are not issues resolved completely but instead explored. A group of students can not be given this task at the start of the week and be expected to research plausible solutions by the weeks closure. Decent theories do not happen over night, they are achieved through higher research. This is exactly what webquests are designed for, looking for the right answer where there are a hundred possibilities. I personally think that most students prefer problems that don't have a clear or easy answer. Tasks are more interesting and engaging when they challenge a student. When the solution is right in front of our nose it is difficult to find, but when there are many possiblities we seem to sift through them until the ideal solution prevails.

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